Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Gas of Gazza

Gas and a candle-light ,
should not mix !!

One facet of this war is a bit ignored:
There is Gas in Gazza !
Another facet is also ignored :
The victims are only Arabs
The most relevant facet also is :
The Aggressors are Israelis

So now comes the question :
Why to bother ??
when the Aggressor is Israeli
and the victims are Arabs who have a reserve of Gas...
Gazza is not Kuwait !!! after all.

Gazzeans did not land-down from the moon
they are Palestinians thrown out (in 1948)
from southern-Palestine , into Gazza.

If the Israelis knew in 1948 that Gazza has Gas
they would have expelled the Gazzeans
directly deeper into Egypt's Sinai-desert .

Never mind that error..... !!
Israel can still exercise another genocide,
to solve this problem..... .

Sherlock Hommos
Gas-extraction- expert

PS :

Gazza through-out History was always Phoenician
therefore it was never , at any time ,
Israeli or Jewish or Hebraic or Ashkenazim
or whatever mystical-fantasies , there are.
When Samson was alive ,
Gazza was Palestinian just like Delilah , was.


guerrilla radio said...

Ciao brother,
i linked your blog in my guerrillaradio,
and in a italian newspaper called IL Manifesto.

take care,
stay human.

Vittorio Arrigoni from Gaza city

Uto said...

Anche io ti linko nel mio blog ... Frustrated Italian's Diary