Monday, January 12, 2009

If and when

Gazza won't save him !! neither.

If and when ,
Israel is really wining this war on Gaza

1- Why Journalist are not allowed to watch and to report ??

2- Why Israel is recruiting another additional 2000 reservists ??

3- Why Israel needs 18 days to re-conquer its own-starved- Prison ??

Hamas is not claiming (yet) any victory !!
instead, Hamas refuses any cease-fire !!

You may draw your own conclusions .
or follow your wishful thinking......just like me !


PS :
If and when Tony Blair wants
"a cease-fire"he should not worry !!
because Murarak and Sarcozy will not shoot at each other .

Unless .....Hamas has Weapons of Mass Destruction
send to them by President Saddaam
and Sarcozy wants them back to France.

If and when"Israel is not aiming at Civilians in Gaza"
how come 85% of the dead-victims are civilians
and 97% of the wounded are Gazza-civilians ??

If and when Israeli-Occupation is not a theft
then what is it ??

If and when Israel is not a crime,by itself,
then what is it ??

If and and when Zionism is not racism plus colonialism
then what is it ??

If and when Israel shall not achive any victory
would that not be a defeat ??

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